Medical Billing And Code School Salary

Medical Billing And Code Salary

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Medical Billing and Coding Salary


The field of Medical Billing and Coding doesn’t come with a pre-specified rate that is paid to the workers. There isn’t a specific pay rate which covers entire arena. The medical billing and coding salary largely depends on the type of role that you play in the field and the work that you perform. There are a number of job titles which come under the medical billing and coding profession. Discussed here in this article are a few job titles which one may be following. A brief description of the job and the payment you may get is given here which would help you in pursuing a career of your choice.

The first type of medical billing and coding professionals are those who deal with the Insurance Company or the payer. Such a medical billing specialist can be anyone who is working with the insurance companies directly being a member of office of medical expert or practitioner. Such a professional should be familiar with exact nature of the specific insurance company which is being dealt with and should know the way to handle each of these companies. Specialists who are working directly with the insurance companies may have their pay at around $11 an hour which may go up to $16 per hour depending upon the matters that you have to deal with and the responsibilities that you share.

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Another type of Medical billing and coding professional is one who deals with the customer billings. Such professionals are mostly customer service representatives who are inside medical billing and coding profession and deal specifically with people who are being billed in most of the cases, which are customers most of the time.


Such professionals share has to explain process of getting paid by insurance company or customer who is taking care of the payments.


Such professionals earn anywhere between $9 per hour to $13 per hour depending on the responsibilities that they have to deal with. The pay of this job is less because of the low experience involved in such job. The job is just a simple one and needs person capable to converse with the customers.


One more type of medical billing and coding profession are the individuals who deal with the office personal. A medical billing and coding profession at such position needs to make sure that the activities being performed by the office personnel are being coded properly without any kind of error for the purpose of filing or insurance billing at a later time.


Such professionals are very important part of the office as they are responsible for proper function of every day with patients and the insurance companies.


A medical billing and coding specialist is paid somewhere around $11 per hour and can also get $16 per hour with proper experience and the amount of responsibilities being handled. Medical billing and coding specialists are having a number of other roles that they need to fulfill but the above mentioned are the most common types of professionals. The pay rate is mostly dependent on the type of services you offer and experience adds to the salary.


Various other factors affecting medical billing and coding salary -


Work Experience - Work Experience play important role in determining salary in this Job. An entry level medical coder can earn up to $11 per hour whereas an individuals with experience of 2-5 years and the professional having medical billing and coding certification can earn $15-$18 per Hour. Highly experienced coders who are working for 10-15 years can earn a salary up to $23 per hour.


Location of Job – If you are working for Big Hospitals or Companies, there are higher chances of getting job with salary up to $19 per hour whereas smaller hospitals or companies will pay only up to $16 per hour. Similarly, salary in private hospitals is expected to be higher than public one’s.


Geographic Location - The location of the job have an effect on salary in this field. If you got job in a bigger and richer city, you can expect more salary compared to small cities.