If you’ve been searching for work at home jobs, one of the professions you’ll see again and again is medical billing and coding. Just as doctors and nurses are always needed, so are medical billers and coders. Even in this economy, Medical billing and medical coding pays very well  and enables you to start up your own business and work on your own time schedule. Why does it pay so well? Because it enables doctors and nurses and other medical professionals to make money and stay in business.

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Medical coding and billing are two separate professions representing two steps in the medical payment process. If you train to become a medical coder, you will learn how to convert medical services into numerical codes used in billing. If you train for medical billing, you’ll learn how to use those codes to bill insurance companies and clients accordingly so that medical professionals can get paid. Can you train to do both aspects and learn medical billing as well as medical coding? Absolutely. So before you decide on a medical billing and coding schools, figure out whether you want to bill or code or do both. Some schools are only medical billing schools while others are only medical coding schools. During your education you’ll be taught -

How to code different services and procedures
How to explain insurance benefits to patients
How to bill insurance companies
How to complete claim forms, and much more.

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Medical billing & coding are one of the most well known and important aspects in the field of health care industry. People appointed in this field play an instrumental role in looking after the billing, insurances, organization, coding etc aspects of a hospital which ensure the smooth running of the entire establishment. It is related to administrative aspects of healthcare facilities and plays crucial role in bringing more clarity and ease in the complex payment mechanism.  With the rise in technology and advancement of healthcare, doctors are in dire need of the best medical billers and coders in business.

A lot of people classify medical coding and billing as one particular stream which is a fallacy. Medical billing is totally different from coding but the jobs are interrelated. Both the jobs involve an equal amount of industry and skills. A person with an interest in both billing as well as coding may face a tough time in choosing a path of study. Comparing both the jobs in every aspect is vital before arising to a conclusion.

Medical Billing and Medical Coding Job Description

The job responsibilities are equally tedious for both fields. Getting a detailed insight of what the responsibilities are for both the jobs will give a clearer picture.

Medical billing Job Description-

Medical billing is a job for people with a highly responsible attitude. The job requires looking into a complex billing mechanism thus requiring a smart, intelligent and logical medical biller. The job duties include

  • Collecting, posting and managing of all the account payments.
  • Processing payments from insurance companies and preparing a deposit.
  • Evaluating and checking into the financial strength of all the patients to establish budget payment.
  • Participating and involving in all staff activities and meetings.
  • Maintaining strict secrecy by following guidelines set by HIPAA.
  • Billers also keep in touch with patients via phone in order to correct or resubmit claims to third party payers.

Medical coding Job Description -

Medical coding requires a good logical ability and interest to deal with complex medical data simplified into symbols. Every time a patient visits a healthcare facility, the relevant health care stats are recorded. These are required for many issues which include billing, insurance etc. They are coded and stored in computers for easy referral and retrieval.

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In case you are interested in starting a medical billing from home, you should learn about a number of different things that are most important. You would have probably read that starting a medical billing business from within your home is an easy job but care needs to be taken in this process along with a nice amount of research before you finally decide something. Different institutions that are providing training programs usually portray the picture that making a lot of money is possible with medical billing business or they would persuade you to undergo the courses provided by them with the main goal of establishing your own business at the end of that program.

STEP 1- Check Competition in Your Area

Prior to starting a business based within a home, you should perform plenty of research with knowledge of the things that you require to set up a new business. This should not only contain information from local authorities on the documents and licenses you need to start the business but also details about the type of business that you are about to start. This means that you should carefully collect details about medical billing before you start a home based business. The first thing that you need to know is to check out the competition that you will be facing and knowing about the number of other businesses operating in your area. If the community is small, you will be able to find less competition which allows for better options to be available to you. [click to continue…]


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